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Car Upholstery Cleaning Service

Deep Seat Cleaning Altrincham

Car Seat Cleaning Near Me

Does your car upholstery look aged, grubby or has an annoying stain that you just can't get rid of? We specialise in car upholstery cleaning and deep cleaning fabric car seats.


Our car seat cleaning process is second to none. We don't just clean your seats & upholstery on the surface, our powerful machine mixed with the right products will ensure a truly deep clean.


This process is unmatched by any other company offering the same service.

Whether it's car seat stains, mud, dirt, grime or just about anything else, we can ensure a fully clean and sanitised area for you and your family to feel comfortable in.


Our Car Upholstery Cleaning Process

  1. Hard brush and vacuum the entire car, removing all of the contaminants from the cars upholstery

  2. Pre Spray the car seats and upholstery with a specialist product and let sit for 5-10 minutes

  3. Agitate the dirt and other contaminants, loosening them ready for extraction

  4. Use our hot water extraction machine to remove all of the dirt in your car seats.

  5. Treat any stains left in the car with our range of specialist stain removal products

  6. Let our dri-pod run to allow drying time to be lessened dramatically


What Is The Difference Between Us And A Car Valet?

The Power Of Our Machines

Most car valeting companies will come equipped with a george carpet cleaner which has a psi pump of around 40. This will be barely enough to clean the surface of your car seat and leaves it wet to touch for hours as well.


By contrast, we come equipped with a carpet cleaner which has heated extraction and a psi of 300. This ensures that your seats are fully deep cleaned all the way to the foam and they are not left too wet at the end too. We also carry a steam cleaner to help with the sanitation process and to remove certain stains which need that extra little kick.

Superior Products


A car valet will be equipped with a one size fits all kind of carpet cleaning product. At a push, they may carry a cleaning solution such as biobrisk (which is a very good product in certain situations). 


We come equipped with a wide selection of specialist carpet cleaning products that can tackle any kind of stain or soiling that you may have in your car.


This gives us a huge advantage over a car valeter who simply won't be able to match our product range.

Experience & Knowledge

We are in no way calling out valeters on their knowledge of how to clean a car. They do a brilliant job of both the inside and out. However, when it comes to upholstery and knowing how to clean it properly, they are not equipped to deal with it correctly.

We know the ins and outs of cleaning fabric car seats and upholstery. Because we deal with this material on a daily basis, there isn't much we haven't seen.

car seat stain removal.jpg

Car Seat Stain Removal Altrincham

There isn't much we aren't equipped to deal with when it comes to stains in  your car seats or mats. Our stain removal process is methodical and specific to whatever stain may need removing in your car.

Whatever stain your car seat has that needs removing, chances are we can get rid of it for you. Here is a list of the stains we are using to dealing with on a weekly/daily basis.

Milk Spillages

If you have spilt milk in your car, particularly the car seat it can be very difficult to fully remove. These particular types of bacterial spillages are particularly bad because over time your car will begin to smell and the milk spillage can go right into the foam seat.

For milk spillage removal, you need to use a powerful carpet cleaner mixed with the right tools and products to fully rid your car of the odours left behind. Our water claw and biocidal killing solution is sure to make your car good as new.

Car seat water stain

When you have a car seat water stain, it can be very unsightly. You might think that the last thing i should do is carpet clean it because after all, it's a water stain right? Contrary to the name, water stains are not actually caused by water alone.

There will be some kind of contaminant inside the water stain which has caused the discolouration. We can identify what that compound is and use the right method and solution to rid it from your pride and joy.

Vomit Removal

Vomit is something that nobody wants to have to clean up. Our carpet cleaners are not one of those people. We have removed a lot of vomit from cars in Lymm and Warrington throughout the years and have somewhat of an iron stomach after so long.

Urine Removal From Car Seats
Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. One of those places is on car seats. Our car upholstery & seat cleaning service covers urine removal. No matter how far down the urine has gone, we can get rid of it for you.

car seat cleaning lymm

car seat cleaning lymm

Cleaning car seats in Lymm, excellent results everytime.

steam cleaned seats

steam cleaned seats

Steam cleaned fabric car seats for optimal results.

fish stained seat

fish stained seat

oily fish stained car seat in lymm

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