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Leather Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning In Warrington & Lymm

Leather Sofa Cleaning & Restoration

Our leather sofa & upholstery cleaning service is the ideal solution for our customers who need an alternative to our carpet cleaning options in Warrington.

Due to customer feedback requesting such a service, we now provide leather cleaning for sofa's, chairs, leather car seats and other types of leather furniture you may have within your home.


Cleaning leather is a tricky process without the right products and tools. It is also essential to tread carefully when cleaning it as it can be a very fragile material, especially older leather.


We use safe solution and approved methods to clean leather which ensures the best possible results without risking the integrity of the material itself. 

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Why Choose Professional Leather Cleaning In Warrington?

Superior Results

The number one reason our customers choose us for their leather and upholstery cleaning needs is simly superior quality. After trying it themselves, they will give us a ring as the dirt trapped inside the pores of the leather haven't budged with normal cleaning methods.

Domestic cleaners won't be able to clean leather with great results either. A house cleaner will carry around general cleaning products which is not only unsafe to use on leather, potentially drying it out, but also does not have the strength to remove the dirt trapped inside either.

We carry all of the right tools and products to do a perfect job every time on your leather upholstery. Rather than risk doing it yourself with no results and possible damage, we recommend giving us a call to clean and restore it for you.

We Feed Your Leather After Cleaning

Once we have deep cleaned your leather upholstery completely, it's best to add a leather restoration balm to the upholstery. This will ensure that it won't dry out over time, especially after being cleaned. Leather contains a lot of moisture and waxes which keeps it looking its best.

Our professional leather care balm will keep your leather looking it's best and add protection for the coming months and years. When you decide to purchase a leather sofa, its important to understand that this also needs a lot of aftercare to keep them looking vibrant.


If you take good care of your leather sofa, it will last for years and years. Unlike their fabric counterparts, you won't easily stain them either. 

Knowledge & Experience

As previously alluded to, leather is a fragile material. Its easy to damage it if you use too harsh a method and end up removing the dye. Similarly leather can dry out and end up losing it's buoyancy, making it prone to creasing if not cleaned and restored properly.

This is why we have decided to specialise in cleaning leather sofas as well as fabric sofa & upholstery. We love to learn new ways of working with different materials. Since the demand was there and customers ended up damaging their leather upholstery, we decided to offer a solution in Warrington.

Leather Cleaning Process
  1. Vacuum The Area, removing any debris and surface dirt

  2. Inspect for signs of cracks and other areas we need to take care

  3. Use our professional standard cleaning products with a number of different brushes and pads where required

  4. We will use a steam cleaner where required to not only remove stubborn dirt but also help reduce sagging leather

  5. Final inspection to ensure that everywhere is clean

  6. Apply our leather care balm which will bring your leather back to life 

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