Mattress Cleaning In Lymm, Warrington

Professional mattress deep cleaning near me

Our mattresses go through a lot over the years. Over time, they accumulate a number of different contaminants. The main one being sweat from when we sleep. Professional mattress cleaning is essential for a good sleep in a clean environment.

You spend more time on your mattress than almost anywhere else in your life with an average sleep time of 7 or more for adults and even longer for teenagers.


With so much of our lives spent in one place, it would be wise to freshen up your mattress at least once a year.


This will not only remove the contaminants, but also any odours trapped inside the fabric.

Did you know:


  • We produce 100 litres of sweat every year (per person) when sleeping

  • The dead skin cells that we shed gets onto our mattress as well as the bed sheets

  • Our mattress contains dead skin cells, mites and dust which are well known irritants of conditions such as asthma

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Mattress Cleaned In Lymm
We remove sweat stains from your mattress and others in Lymm

Sweat stains are a common problem with mattresses over time. Really though, its a good thing because it is a visible sign that you now need to give your mattress a deep clean.

Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised by just how much cleaner their mattresses have become when we clean the mattress stains.

The smell and feel is so fresh that in many cases, it's better than new. How? well because we use specialist cleaning and odour removal products.

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Can You Steam Clean A Mattress?

Yes and no. Steam cleaning is an excellent way of sanitising and removing some harder to remove stains from the mattress. You can't however rely solely on steam cleaning for a full deep clean.

You need to be careful when using a steamer on your mattress that you don't over soak the inside as this can damage the foam and potentially ruin it. This happens a lot when people attempt to do it themselves.


Our process of pre spraying, agitating, extracting and then steam cleaning is the best way to clean your mattress fully and safely. We use the finest products when cleaning anything alongside an approved method of cleaning for perfect results every time.

Why Choose Our Mattress Cleaning In Warrington?

Local Service

Based in Lymm, we are local to the Warrington area. This is very beneficial to you as it makes cancellations and late appointments much less likely. A company based in another part of the country travelling in to do your mattress will be less likely to keep that appointment.


Why? because they will prioritise their work locally and then fit you in when they are next in your area. Also if you book in with them on a certain day but there isn't enough work for the company to justify travelling to you, more often than not this can result in a cancellation.

Professional Results


Our mattress cleaning service provides excellent results every time. We use powerful machines coupled with the correct product for the job that brings your mattress back to like new condition. You can rest assured (pun intended) that our team can provide the best bed and mattress sanitation in Warrington.


Fast Drying Times

As mentioned we use powerful extractors (up to 300 psi). This aids in the drying process dramatically by leaving little to no solution behind on the mattress once we have left.


Sometimes, we need to tackle the mattress more heavily due to stubborn stains, this inevitably means that we need to use more of our solution. Rather than leave it at that, we use our dri-pods to help dry out the mattress before we leave so that you don't need to worry about what you are going to sleep on that night.

Excellent Communication


Our top priority is to keep our customers happy. Aside from doing an excellent job, the best way to do this is with good communication. We know how frustrating it can be when you are expecting someone and are left waiting, unable to get on with your day.


We will let you know what time to expect us and keep you well informed of any updates so that you can concentrate on whatever it is that you need to prioritise. After all, if a service can't be convenient then it's not really a good service in the first place.

Areas Covered

Our mattress cleaning service is available in Warrington, Lymm, Birchwood, High Legh, Appleton, Stockton Heath, Daresbury, Stretton, Grappenhall, Latchford, Walton, Great Sankey, Winwick, Woolston.

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