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Can You Use Magic Erasers On Carpet, Upholstery & Car Seats?

Magic erasers have been awarded as having some amazing cleaning capabilities over the years.

They can tackles tough grease stains in ovens, tackle car headlights, stains on walls, and many other surfaces. That's because of it's unique way of being made.

What we want to explore in this blog post is, can you use magic erasers on carpet, upholstery and car seats?

Let's dive into this question and see what we can find out.

Can you use magic erasers effectively on carpet, upholstery and car seats?

The simple answer is: Yes, you can use it relatively well on some fabrics and carpets. That's not to say that you will be able to grab a magic eraser, soak it in warm water and tackle any stain known to man.

What it does mean though, is that magic erasers are a great tool for assisting with tough stains.

What makes magic erasers great for tackling materials:

  • Absorbent material: Magic erasers are also known as magic sponges because of their absorbent properties. This means that stain transferral is easy with this handy cleaning material.

  • Abrasive but safe: Anyone who has felt a magic eraser will know what i mean here. It feels tough but not rough enough to do any damage to your carpets or upholstery.

  • Ease of use: This cleaning appliance is an easy to use product. There is no way of damaging most carpets and upholstery (Keep reading to find out which ones are more risky.)

How To Use A Magic Eraser on most carpets, upholstery & car seats

First, let's deal with how to use magic erasers on most synthetic materials. These carpets and upholstery items won't be damaged by your magic eraser and you won't need to take much care with them.

Magic Eraser On Carpet Stains

Carpet stains are a common occurrence and we understand that you're not going to want to call in the carpet cleaner every time, so we don't mind at all making this information easily accessible.

  1. Grab your magic eraser and a bowl of warm soapy water

  2. You may need a specific stain remover for biological stains and coffee/tea stains

  3. Soak your magic sponge in the bowl and then rinse out the sponge until slightly damp

  4. Start by gently rubbing the stained area. You will notice that the stain is lifting

  5. Rinse out the magic sponge and repeat the process until the stain has gone

  6. Blot the area to help dry it out

  7. Once dry, use a vacuum to remove the magic eraser that came off in the cleaning process

Which Carpets should you NOT use a magic eraser?

You shouldn't use a magic eraser on any natural fibres other than wool. The sturdiness of wool makes it a safe option, although it is less effective.

Silk is a big no, no! This material is too delicate to have a magic sponge on it, also silk carpeting is often riddled with colours that can be discoloured with a magic sponge.

Magic Eraser On Upholstery Such As Couches

Magic erasers are a great option for removing certain stains on a couch. In fact, we often use this product in our own cleaning regime.

Follow the exact same method above to clean upholstery as you would carpeting. Having a magic eraser solves the problem of cleaning down the sides of seats effectively because you get that abrasive capability in a confined space.

What about magic erasers on microfiber couches?

As long as it's a specific stain removal and not general cleaning, you can use a magic eraser on your microfiber couch. This particular couch is a bit more absorbent than other materials so lessen the amount of water you use so that you don't oversoak the area.

Which upholstery should you NOT use magic erasers on?

Like carpets, there are exceptions to the rule when cleaning upholstery items and couches with magic sponges.

Never use it on:

  • suede

  • velvet

  • Silk

These materials are too delicate and you run the risk of damaging or discolouring your upholstery. You can get finer grades of magic sponge which may be more suitable for these materials, but personally as a company, we wouldn't risk it as there are better options out there.

Magic Eraser On Car Seats & Upholstery

This is a car detailer little known secret for tough stains on plastics, car paint and even the upholstery found in cars and other vehicles.

In fact all professionals dealing with car seat cleaning will use a magic eraser at some point.

Follow the same steps as above for most seats and upholstery stain removal. It is actually a lot easier to clean car seats with magic erasers, since many car seats are less endowed with the fabric thickness of carpets.

Can you use magic eraser for heated car seats?

Yes you can! in fact, it's a much safer option than steam cleaning or carpet cleaning a stain since you will get the seat less wet. We often go for the magic sponge treatment when confronted with heated car seats.

Can you use Magic Erasers On Leather Couches & Car Seats?

The answer is yes...With caution! Leather is a very delicate material an needs to be treated with care. Cleaning leather with a magic eraser should only be a last resort when it gets really bad.

There are leather cleaning brushes you can purchase for a reasonable price and will last you a lot longer, but they won't clean as well as a magic eraser in some circumstances.

If you do go for the magic eraser, protect you leather again immediately with a leather restoration balm since might have damaged the clearcoat.

Use a lower grade magic sponge and use it alongside a leather cleaning product. If you don't have one, just use warm water and not soap as this can cause harm to the leather.

Can you use a magic eraser on Cream Leather Couches?

A magic sponge on a cream couch should be used with care as described above. We would not recommend for general cleaning duties, but if you have a particularly tough stain like ink, magic eraser is a better option than most ink stain removers as long as you protect it again afterwards.


So there you have it, using a magic eraser can be a great addition to your cleaning utensils when tackling tough stains.

Just remember, it won't be able to remove every stain and doesn't do anything for bad odours.

For that, you are always better off calling a professional carpet cleaner to sort those stains and odours out for you.

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