Carpet Cleaning Price Guide In Warrington

Our carpet cleaning services in Warrington and Lymm are very reasonably priced so that you can enjoy clean carpets all year round without having to break the bank.

Here I am going to list the prices for our carpet cleaning in and near Warrington as well as giving a rough price guide to specific odour removal treatments which can be undertaken by ourselves.

But first, a quick note to say that these are prices based on the average sized homes. If you live in a larger house with a bigger area to clean, the price will go up (however we will absolutely strive to make it as affordable as possible).

You may also be interested in our monthly maintenance cleaning package which starts at just £30 per month.

Once we have deep cleaned your carpets, we can offer this as a way of keeping costs down even more while at the same time enjoying fresh carpets throughout the year.

Carpet Cleaning Costs Warrington

Here is our carpet cleaning price guide based on an average sized home:

  • Hallway - £10

  • Lounge Room - £30

  • Through Lounge £40

  • Dining Room - £30

  • Stairs - £25

  • Double Bedroom - £35

  • Single Bedroom - £30

  • Box Bedroom - £28

Special Offers

  • Two Rooms - £50

  • Three Rooms - £55

  • Two rooms, stairs and landing - £70

  • Three rooms, stairs and landing - £80

  • 2 Bedroom House - £100

  • 3 Bedroom House - £110

  • 4 Bedroom House - £120

  • 5 Bedroom House - £130

Sofa Cleaning Prices

  • Two Seater Sofa - £30

  • Three Seater Sofa - £34

  • Four Seater Sofa - £38

  • Five Seater Sofa - £42

  • 6 Seater Sofa - £46

  • 7 Seater Sofa - £50

* For stain removal please make us aware of any that may require something extra. For example, urine stain removal will not go away with our usual sofa cleaning method. It requires specialist attention to fully remove the stain and odour.

Mattress Cleaning Prices

  • Single mattress - £25

  • Double Mattress - £27

  • King Mattress - £30

  • Super Sized Mattress - £35

Do you have more than one mattress that you would like cleaning? We will knock £10 off the final price of any of the options above with a double booking.

What about odour removal costs?

Our odour removal services in Warrington are a little bit trickier to price. First of all, what is the odour in question? This is important because it tells us a lot about how difficult it might be to remove.

For example, cigarette odour removal from carpets can be more time consuming. You have to locate where the odour might be coming from and more often than not, a large area needs covering followed by an ozone generator to kills the smell of smoke.

If it is a pet urine odour then this is much easier to treat since the surface area is small and it is easy to locate. We can price this immediately at £20 to remove or if you are getting the area carpet cleaned anyway, add £7 for the odour removal.

For this reason we ask our customers to either drop us an email or call us for quotes on odour removal so that we can find the most cost effective way to treat it for you.

Is there anything else I should expect which may affect pricing?

Sometimes the condition of a carpet can affect the final price. This is not a problem 90% of the time though.

The only time this can become a problem is if the carpet being cleaned has been neglected for years followed by a serious amount of foot traffic.

End of tenancy cleans are mostly to blame for higher pricing with the carpets having not been taken care of for so long.

Sometimes, the colour of your carpet can affect pricing as well. For example if your carpet is pure white and has a lot of browning which does not go away with a normal carpet clean, we may have to charge extra to remove the browning spots.

Generally though, the price of our services do not go up from what is stated above. For loyal customers, the price will only go down, especially if you take advantage of our monthly cleaning package.

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