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How Much Does Sofa Cleaning Cost?

how much does sofa cleaning cost

Having your sofa professionally cleaned is the best way to preserve its lifespan over the years.

A sofa cleaning service can deep clean your sitting area, tackling even the toughest stains and removing any build up of dirt imaginable.

Doing it yourself is often very cumbersome and the results often less than impressive. You won't have that fresh feeling and the sofa itself will take ages to dry.

What's more, many sofas are made of different materials, each requiring separate cleaning treatments. For example, you wouldn't clean a suede sofa in the same way as a fabric one.

With so many benefits of having your sofa cleaned, the next question people ask is 'how much does sofa cleaning cost' and is it even worth it?

In this blog post, we aim to answer those questions so let's dive in.

How much does sofa cleaning cost?

While not every material sofa is the same, nor is every job equal in terms of product and time usage, here is the average cost of sofa cleaning:

  • 2 seater sofa £40

  • 3 seater sofa £50

  • 3 seater corner sofa £55

  • 4 seater sofa £55

  • 4 seater corner sofa £60

  • 5 seater corner sofa £70

These prices are based on averages. If you have particularly tough stains to remove then the prices can increase, whereas if your sofas just need a freshen up then they could cost less.

It's always important to remember that companies will have a minimum charge fee.

We set our minimum call out charge at £50 for local customers and £100 after 10 miles.

Other companies will do similar so just be aware that it may cost that bit extra if you have one job only to get done.

Leather & suede sofa cleaning cost

cost of professional leather sofa cleaning
  • 2 seater £50

  • 3 seater £60

  • 3 seater corner sofa £65

  • 4 seater corner sofa £75

  • 5 seater corner sofa £85

*please note, if these types of sofas are heavily stained you should add £15 to the final price as the time taken and product used will be greater.

Leather and suede are specialist materials that require a different method of cleaning. Because of that, it is a more of a product and time heavy process to do it safely.

Will I get a discount for multiple sofa bookings?

Yes most upholstery cleaners will offer a discount for multiple bookings so it's definitely worth considering.

For example, we offer a 20% discount off when you book 2 sofas of the same or similar materials. This would mean that If you had two 2 seater sofas requiring a clean it would cost £64 rather than £80.

Other companies will undoubtedly offer something similar in your area.

Is professional sofa cleaning worth it?

Having your sofas cleaned by a professional is absolutely worth it if you want to increase the lifespan of your sofas.

With our cleaning service, you get a fully insured professional bringing your sofa back to its original condition.

Sofas can accumulate bad odours, Tons of dirt and over time it's buoyancy decreases. Professional sofa cleaning can remove and improve all of these negative effects.

Professional sofa cleaners have the right tools and knowledge to clean everything out of your sofa and even the foam cushions.

Can I clean my sofa myself?

Absolutely. All you need to do it properly is the right equipment, knowledge and time to get the job done.

What we use:

  • Hot water extraction carpet cleaner £2500

  • Professional grade products £30 per bottle

  • Specialist equipment to draw out stains and spillages £200

  • Drill brushes for every occasion £100

  • Drying fan £300

Now you can get a cheaper carpet cleaner but it won't do the job half as well and even then, a half decent home carpet cleaner costs at least £200.

Once you have the equipment, it's important to familiarise yourself with the different materials as you will need to pick the right method of cleaning.

Once you have done all of this, you can give your sofas a good deep clean...or you can give us a call to come and sort it out for you.


Having a professional come out to clean your sofa is the best way to maintain it over time.

While you could try it yourself, the cost of products and equipment to do a proper job makes hiring someone to do it for you the smarter option.

Always make sure you hire an experienced cleaner, there are a lot of ways to mess up a sofa if you use the wrong products or method.

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