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How to clean raw egg out of carpet & get rid of the egg smell

Have you had the misfortune of dropping a few eggs on your carpet floors? Anyone

who has will know the pain of trying to get rid of this sticky organic substance.

Not only is it difficult to clean because of it's texture, the fact that it's a biological product means that it will start to stink if left untreated.

Not to worry though, we have a cheap solution for you provided that you have some basic equipment that most homes have so that you won't have to call a guy like me out to get rid of it for you.

Why am I informing you of this if it puts me out of work? well, I'd rather not be called out just to remove some egg from a carpet but also my own personal belief is that informing customers builds trust between us and it prevents you from feeling ripped off.

Steps for removing raw egg from carpet

Clear the area of eggshells & much of the yolk

Your first step should be to remove the eggshells and excess yolk from the affected area. You can use kitchen roll for this or tissues depending on what you have to hand.

Be careful not to smear the excess yolk in even more while removing it as you will just be making the job harder.

If you find it easier, pick out the eggshells first and then dab the yolk with kitchen roll to prevent working it into the carpet even more.

Now that you have removed the egg which hasn't made its way into the carpet, you will be left with an egg stain which looks unsightly and can end up stinking if left untreated.

Warm water & washing detergent

Grab yourself a container and mix some washing detergent with warm water (or hot water if you have the right PPE).

Grab a sponge and dip it into your water mixture. Gently dab the mixture into the egg stain. Once you have added the mixture into the stain, get yourself a microfiber cloth and use it to soak up the detergent.

Repeat this process 2-4 times to ensure that the egg has been completely removed from the carpet. If you have a carpet upholstery brush then this will assist in agitating the egg stain making it easier for the microfiber cloth to pick it out of the carpet.

Dry the area & deodorise

This is an important step because you want to be sure that all of the egg has been removed otherwise it will start to smell otherwise. You can dry the area in a few ways depending what you have to hand.

You can use a fan, wet and dry vacuum, put a towel down or just leave it until dried. Once the area is dry, give it a smell test. If you can still smell the egg, repeat the cleaning and drying process until removed.

If you don't have time to wait you can use a biological deodoriser to remove the smell. Simply spray the affected area and leave it to eat away at the affected area.

Do you have a steam cleaner?

If you have a steam cleaner, this will make the process much easier and more effective. Remove the eggshells and excess yolk, then all you need to do is use your steamer on the egg stain.

This should make light work of the stain. Then, just to be sure, spray some deodoriser on the stained area. Having a steam cleaner saves so much time when dealing with stains around the home.


We hope that you found this small article useful. Our aim is to save you time and money by equipping you with the knowledge to keep your carpets and upholstery in tip top condition all year round.

Sometimes it is necessary to hire a professional but other times with a few simple steps, you can treat stains yourself and save a ton of money in the process.

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