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How to get sticky & melted candy sweets out of carpet (Including Upholstery)

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Anyone with kids and carpets know the horrors of what is left behind! Fact, kids live candy. What's also a fact is if you leave candy (or sweets) on carpet, they can quickly become a tricky substance to remove.

Sticky or melted candy on carpet can be a difficult thing to get rid of. You may have tried a few methods already that didn't work such as:

  • Vacuuming

  • All purpose cleaner and wipe with a cloth

  • Scrub away with apc and a brush

Traditional methods that you have used in the past to remove certain dirt marks won't work with sweets.

Candy is made of highly condensed sugar which is qn absolute nightmare to remove once its melted or sticky. It spreads when cleaned rather than gets removed with most methods.

Let's take a look at a few of the correct methods you can used depending on what you have to hand.

Three Different Ways To Effectively Get Rid Of Sticky Candy Sweets From Carpet

Hot water, microfiber cloth and soap

Not an ideal way by any means to get rid of candy from your carpet but it does work when you give it time.

As we know, sugar dissolves in water. Granted, candy isn't just water but this will help in removing the sticky or melted contaminant from your carpets.

If the candy that was dropped on your carpets had anything else such as food colourings, preservatives and the like then these may not go with this method.

You might need to purchase a stain removal product for these leftovers but try the hot water first and see what's left.

Steam cleaner and all purpose cleaner

Again, heat dissolves sugar. The benefits of using a steamer cleaner though is that you can heat the candy without saturating the carpet.

This make removing the sticky substance much easier. It also means that all purpose cleaner should be enough to remove anything left behind (except red food colouring) because you can use it in conjunction with your steamer.

This is our favourite way of removing candy. It doesn't take long and there is less chance of damaging your carpets with saturation, plus no need to suck any water up when you're done.

Use a dedicated product

The final and overall most expensive way of removing Sticky candy from your carpets and upholstery is with a specialised product which dissolves the candy, making it easy to wipe off.

Before you attempt this always make sure that you have some sort off PPE since it's a chemical that you will be pouring onto the affected area.

The best way to use a sticky removal product is to pour it onto a microfiber cloth rather than directly onto the affected area.

Check the instructions to make sure that your chosen product is compatible with your carpets.


We hope that you found this small article informative. Each option is for different customers depending on their budgets. By far the cheapest way is the hot water and soap trick, but it also takes time and results may not be perfect!

There is a fourth option if your not confident in doing the job yourself and that's to hire a professional.

This of course will come at a higher cost, but you can rest assured that the job will be done to the highest standard and there will be no chance of damage being incurred.

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