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How To Vacuum A Wool Carpet & Rug Properly

Wool is a natural carpet fibre which is a lot thicker than many synthetic alternatives.

Because of this, it can be a struggle to vacuum properly.

It may sound silly at first to ask the question 'how to vacuum a wool carpet' but many people struggle with it and we even have a specific vacuum cleaner just for wool when cleaning them.

Wool is a really thick material and takes a specific method to clean properly, not only when carpet cleaning, but when vacuuming also.

Let's dive into the question in a bit more detail. We will give tips not only on how to vacuum effectively, but also tips on maintenance and keeping your carpets and rugs smelling fresh.

Best way to vacuum a wool carpet or rug

To vacuum a wool carpet or rug make sure you have the right vacuum cleaner. Make sure there is no debris hidden in the thick wool fabrics. Go over the carpet or rug slowly and pass over it in opposite directions a few times to ensure that all of the dirt has gone.

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Pick the right vacuum

Deciding which vacuum to use purchase is a big factor in effectively vacuuming wool carpets and rugs.

As we previously mentioned, our vacuum cleaner was specifically picked for when we have to deal with wool fabrics.

So, which one should you pick:

Plain suction heads: any vacuum cleaner that simply has a suction hole will do fine for wool. No rubber lining or stiff bristled brush as this can easily damage the fibres.

Personally, we use good old George as a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. This has the added benefit of being able to suck up any moisture from a cleaning job we performed.

Do not use rotary machines such as Dyson vacuum cleaners. Your carpet can and will pull on the vacuum, causing it to fray and even be ripped out.

Check carpet & rug for debris

Due to the thickness of wool, debris that cannot be vacuumed up can easily be hidden inside.

Quickly check over your carpets and rugs for things like pens, biscuits, pieces of paper, and other items which could cause harm to your vacuum cleaner or potentially stain your carpets as you hoover.

To check your rug, you can quickly shake it outside a few times to ensure nothing is hidden. This will make the vacuuming process easier too.

Vacuum cleaning method

Now that we have the right vacuum cleaner, it's time to get to it! Wool is a thick fabric and will need more than one pass.

Slowly go over your carpet or rug, making sure you cover the entire area. Then go over it again the opposite way.

The reason for this is that dirt can easily 'hide' behind that thick material so attack it from both angles.

Once you've done this, it's no uncommon for you to have missed bits so go over again as necessary. Going slow is the key here, Don't rush the job.

Tips for freshening your wool carpet or rug up

If you want to quickly freshen your carpets up as you vacuum, you can do this:

Apply baking soda: A great little tip for giving your carpets or rugs a nice smelling odour is to sprinkle some baking soda on top of it before vacuuming. Don't get any ideas, this won't deep clean the carpet but it will help any general odour control.

Spot clean: You may want to take the opportunity to spot clean your wool carpet or rug. Some cleaners can be unsafe for wool but there are plenty of wool safe products you can get your hands on. Allow the place you cleaned to dry before vacuuming.

How often should you vacuum a wool carpet & rug

We highly recommend vacuuming your wool carpet and rug at least once a week. If they are in high traffic areas, to keep them in the best condition you should vacuum them every other day.

This is to not allow dirt and grime to take hold of the wool carpet, because once it has, the carpet can easily become overburdened with dirt and no amount of vacuuming or spot cleaning will fix it...And we'll have to pay your carpet or rug a visit to fix it.


So there we have it. Sometimes it's worth going into the details on simple tasks as they may be more complex than you thought, vacuuming wool carpets and rugs is one of those times.

Make sure you pick the right vacuum cleaner and if you do spot clean, ensure that they are wool friendly products otherwise you may discolour your carpets.

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