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10 Common Carpet Stains That We Remove Daily

Since carpets are practically everywhere we step on in our house, it’s inevitable that they’re going to attract stains quite frequently— and some serious ones, too. Gatherings, parties, pets, children, and movie nights all result in some disastrous consequences for carpets. So much so that certain stains just seem impossible to get rid of and demand that the carpet be thrown out for good.

If your homemade solutions of baking soda and various citrus fruits haven't yielded any hope, we're here to tell you there is still a way. Professional carpet cleaning takes on stain removal like a pro. Any type of stain that you can think of, carpet cleaning technicians have seen and dealt with already. We’re going to go through the ten most common carpet stains and the techniques professionals have up their sleeves for them.

1. Coffee and beverage stains.

Since a cup of coffee is the first thing we reach for in the morning, it comes as no surprise that the chances of spilling these beverages on the carpet in our semi-conscious states are pretty high. Coffee stains are quite persistent, but professional carpet cleaning has the perfect equipment to conduct hot water extraction for these stains. Conditioned with the right carpet cleaner, even the darkest of coffee stains will be right out.

2. Oil and grease stains.

Whether greasy food finds itself on your carpet or your oil spills may have a machinery-related origin, the important part is that professional carpet cleaning can get the stain out. Professional carpet cleaners have the perfect spotting sprays and solvents to attack oil stains. Any residue or remnants are addressed with steaming and dry cleaning methods that take any leftover version of the stain completely out.

3. Excretion and urine stains.

Having pets naturally renders your carpets at a greater risk of falling prey to accidents and the stains that come up as a result. If you've tried everything from wet brushing to using the most powerful of stain removal techniques to absolutely no avail, professional cleaning is the way to go. Bonnet cleaning and hot water extraction are ways to really get into the fabrics and piles of the carpet. No stain residue will remain after the thorough carpet cleaning process is carried out.

4. Ink and dye stains.

Ink and dye stains qualify as the very worst type of stain for carpets because they're dark and persistent, and you cannot for the life of them ignore that they're right there. Professional carpet cleaners have dedicated solvents that work to firstly fade out ink stains and then later on address them with extraction techniques that use high-temperature water and steam to break down the ink particles in the carpet fibers.

5. Blood stains.

These are the last kinds of stains anyone would want on their carpet, and once unforeseen accidents are dealt with and managed, the next concern is to have blood stains removed from carpets. Encapsulation is a professional carpet cleaning process that is carried out with high-efficiency equipment and is incredibly effective in removing blood stains. The spotting process after the heavy cleaning is done helps deal with any fades or lingering spots.

6. Mud and dirt stains.

Mud and dirt stains aren't hard to deal with per se. However, when in abundance, they can become a real menace for carpets. Despite utmost efforts at home, some part of the dirt stains always seem to linger. This is where seeking professional carpet cleaning can really help. Hot water extraction on its own is the perfect way to deal with dirt in a carpet and leave it looking new and fresh.

7. Chocolate stains.

Kids and candy don't mix too well for carpets, and the ultimate branding of that often comes about in the form of horrifying chocolate stains on rugs, carpets, you name it. Instead of covering these stains with props or trying one sworn method upon the other, reach out to professional carpet cleaners. They have dedicated, non-toxic agents that can take even the most rich of chocolate stains right out. Topping that off with some steam cleaning will leave the carpet looking perfectly new.

8. Paint stains.

Paint stains are an inevitability when it comes to carpets because these are usually lined close to walls or spots that need a paint refresh every so often. But spilling paint on carpets does not render them beyond hope. Professional carpet cleaners have the right spot treatment solutions at hand to remove the toughest of paint stains. Steaming is also a very effective technique to loosen the hold of paint particles on carpet fabric.

9. Ketchup stains.

It's hard to assume that you won't consume or spill ketchup anywhere around a carpet. It's bound to happen at one point or the other, whether at your hand or that of a young child. The important part is that calling in a carpet cleaning professional can help you restore your carpet to the way it was before. Encapsulation is an equipment-based technique that helps target stains in specific areas, and soon enough, you won't even be able to locate where the ketchup stain used to be.

10. Gum stains.

No carpet stain is more infuriating than a gum stain. It's as if parts of the gum have embedded themselves in the carpet and refuse to come off. Luckily, professional carpet cleaners have some tried and tested methods for them. Bonnet cleaning is specifically for carpet maintenance and helps remove sticky substances from carpet fibers. This, topped with some dry vacuuming, will make it look as if the carpet was never tainted to begin with.

How can you find the best carpet cleaning service?

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