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Sofa Cleaning Service


Professional Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning Services

Our specialist sofa cleaning service is performed our experienced team with the best equipment available.

Whether it's a two seater settee or a corner sofa, we have the right solution for whatever fabric your furniture is made of.

Over the years, your sofa will accumulate a lot of dirt and grime. The best way to bring your sofa back to life is with our upholstery cleaning service.


Rather than replace your sofa (or any upholstery items for that matter), why not try our much cheaper cleaning service?

Our cleaning methods are safe, eco friendly and guaranteed to get the best results possible when cleaning your sofa or couch.

Our professional cleaners make sure that you are fully satisfied with our deep cleaning service before leaving.

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Can We Guarantee Stain Removal From Sofa's?

With most stains we can absolutely guarantee removal. There are, however some stains which have gone beyond what any carpet cleaning company can remove.


The reason for this is usually because the stain has been present for far too long and so has become a part of the upholstery rather than a removable contaminant.

Good news though! most stains are absolutely removable and with our high powered carpet cleaner working together with the right solutions, we can remove almost any stain you can imagine.

I have a microfiber couch, does it need cleaning?

Absolutely. Microfiber sofas get dirty just as easily as any fabric or suede sofa. The process is very similar for fabric sofa cleaning and there is no reason for extra caution with a microfiber sofa.


There is a myth going around that a microfiber couch cannot be stained. This is not true. While they are harder to stain, they are also harder to remove once stained.

Can You Remove Odours From My Sofa?

Our carpet cleaner, product range and experience puts us well placed to remove any odours from your sofa or couch. ad smells normally become a problem if you have pets, or if there has been an accidental spillage on the sofa such as urine or milk.

For really tough to remove odours we have specialist cleaning products and tools to deal with them. Our waterclaw for example can make light work of urine odours as we draw the contaminant out from deep inside the fibres of your upholstery.

Is Cleaning A Microsuede Couch Safe?

Our hot water extraction carpet cleaning method is perfectly safe for micro suede sofas and couches. While we always read the label just in case (some upholstery will contain materials unsuitable for hot extraction), just about any fabric sofa is safe for our treatment.

How We Clean Your Sofa In Widnes
  1. Pre-vacuum the sofa to remove contaminants prior to cleaning

  2. Inspect the sofa for wear & tear and also learn what material it's made of

  3. Apply stain removal products if neccesarry to affected areas

  4. Prespray the correct solution onto the sofa and let soak for a few minutes

  5. Gently agitate the area in order to loosen the dirt and grime

  6. Begin extracting the sofa section by section until the sofa is 100% clean and sanitised

  7. Final inspection to ensure that your sofa is completely clean. We then allow our dri pod to aid in the drying process

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Can You Steam Clean A Sofa?

Steam cleaning a sofa can be a great complement to the carpet cleaner if you need to remove some tough stains or just want a freshen up.

Having said that, you cannot truly deep clean your sofa with just a steam cleaner. We use it as a way to break down stains or grime before extracting. This works well for us and is a great way of preparing the sofa to be cleaned.

Using a steam cleaner has it's downsides. Sofa's can become damp after use so if you are using it on it's own with an extractor, you could easily cause damp and even mould to grow if you attempt to clean without cleaning solution.

Why We Do Not Offer Sofa & Couch Dry Cleaning Near Widnes

The truth about dry cleaning is that it simply does not compare to the traditional hot water extraction carpet cleaning method. Not only that, but dry cleaning upholstery is actually less eco friendly given the amount of chemicals needed to use just to achieve mediocre results.

Deep cleaning is impossible with dry cleaning as only the surface is touched with the methods available. Stain removal becomes almost impossible and your carpets or upholstery will simply become dirtier faster.

If you want a sofa which has been truly deep cleaned, go for the traditional carpet cleaners. Drying times are low anyway due to the high powered suction and dri pods which are applied after cleaning.

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Mattress Cleaning

Does your matress feel as though it could use a deep clean? There are so many benefits to sleeping on a sanitised bed.


Carpet Cleaning

Our carepet cleaning service is the perfect way to make your home looking and smelling fresher for longer. 

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